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Types of Storm Damage

  • Hail Damage

    The difference between cosmetic and functional hail damage escapes homeowners. Hail impacts the lifespan of your roof and siding materials in ways that most homeowners can’t believe. A record number of significant storms hit our area in 2020. Call today for your complimentary inspection

  • Wind Damage

    Sustained high winds cause damage to all types of roof and siding materials. Most roofing companies have no clue as to the hidden damages that escape the untrained eye. Call Choice, the storm restoration experts for your complimentary inspection.

  • Ice Damage

    Ice is a leading cause of wintertime roof leaks. Ice damming results in water intrusion to the inside of your home. Before you know it, you are dealing with saturated insulation, water logged drywall, and leaks. The storm restoration experts at Choice know how to easily remedy this problem. Call Choice now.


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