• Hail Damage

    Many homeowners do not understand the impact of hail damage to their roof. Severe storms can cause leaks and lessen the life span of your roof. Call Choice Remodeling & Restoration today for a professional assessment of your storm repairs. We will work directly with your insurance carrier ensuring you get the top dollar claim refund.

  • Wind Destruction

    Storms, hurricanes, tornados, wind sheets can cause major damage to your property. From blown off siding and shingle to broken windows and doors, we can help you put your home back together. We will interface with your insurance carrier so you get tip dollar on your claim.

  • Ice Damage

    Ice is one of the leading cause of roof leaking in the Northeast. Ice damage prevents water from and draining off the roof properly. Water that collects can leak into walls and ceilings and damage tile interior, dry wall and insulation. If you notice an ice build up on your house call us for a free inspection. We have solutions for all of your home repairs. Do not hesitate to contact us today.